We are Nuts about Nut Picker Uppers and Nutcrackers!

Howdy ya’ll!  It’s a raining April day and I thought I would check in with our readers as it has been a while.  Nut season has passed us here in Alabama and we are taking a breather as we gear up for our other big sellers here– Pea Shellers.   I thought now would a good time to let you know what we sell because I think our products are not only pretty dang unique but also the best there is to be had in the nut business.

Our little company here– which just launched a new website 855Sheller.com— continues to sell nutcrackers and nut picker uppers all year long.  Some people like to buy in the off season because oftentimes, we are able to provide off-season discounts.  Although we live in pecan country, we sell crackers for pretty much any nut there is.  We sell the Duke Pecan Cracker, Inertia Nutcracker, Kenkel Cracker, Black Walnut Drill Cracker, Electric Pecan Cracker (also called the Kinetic Kracker), Dynamic Nutcracker, American-made Master Cracker, Get Crackin‘, second generation Steel Nutcracker II for soft and hard shell nuts.  I’ve linked these all so you can get a better idea of what this nutcracking guy is talking about.

But what’s the point of a nutcracker is you haven’t got anything to pick the nuts up with??  See- we have you covered there too!  We sell three different type of “handheld” nut pickers uppers.  The ever classic Griffith Gatherer and the updated Griffith Deluxe.  We sell Stab-A-Nuts by Bag-A-Nut (pecan/sweet gum ball size and acorn size).  And then our very best sellers in the handhelds– Nut Wizards.  If your needs run a big larger, we carry Bag-A-Nut Harvesters.  These are simply the best.  They range from the 8″ Mini all the way up to the 36″ that pulls behind your ATV, golf cart or riding lawn mower.  Whatever your nut gathering needs are, we gotcha covered!

So now you can say you know– cause that’s what the Nutcracker Guy sells.  Sells well too.  I always say I sell more cause I know more.  If you see somethin that peaks your fancy, call us up at 855-743-5537 and we’ll answer any question you might have.  You’ll be glad you called.  I’m not ignoring you nut fans.  I’m off to see about some of these pea shellers and well, if you need those, you can call me for that too.  Ya’ll take care.


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