Got Nuts? Our first season as a Bag-A-Nut dealer

We are excited to share with our readers our newest product line: Bag-A-Nut nut harvesters. These are really the ultimate solution for nut harvesting.  Simply push the nut picker upper over your harvest and watch as the nuts are grabbed by the “magic finger” technology and ejected into the collection basket. Lightweight and easy to push, these nut rollers pick up nuts you can’t even see!  Imagine your increased nut yield.  

We carry the complete line up of Bag-A-Nut nut picker uppers.  We have the “Stab-A-Nut” handheld nut harvester that feature the magic fingers mounted on a handle.  We have the 8″ Mini that’s very mighty!  We carry the 12″ classic model— the customer favorite.  This one features a pull cord design for basket emptying; all other models are lift-out baskets.  We carry the 18″ which is a true best seller.  And the super duper 36″– available in a push design or a pull-behind as it attaches to your riding mower or ATV.  

We’ve sold out several times but don’t worry, we keep bringing them back in.  Available in a variety of sizes, just give us a call (855-743-5537) to discuss the best size one depending on the nut you are picking up.  Or order online right here.  We are located in Dothan Alabama so if you are nearby, come on over so we can show you a demonstration.    

Kinetic Kracker- The Electric Pecan Cracker

Good Day!

 I would love to talk about a nut cracker that is going to make your life so much easier. Pecan season is really just around the corner. In the past, have you been cracking all of those pecans by hand? I did for a long time. Sometimes my hands would hurt so badly that I wondered if the effort was worth it.

 I like to make all sorts of candies, pies, and breads during Fall. Giving these things are such a thoughtful gift from the heart, especially knowing that you took the time to gather all of the ones that have fallen from your trees, crack and shell them and then put them into those goodies. I also love to put away and freeze my excess pecans for year round pecan treats. For such large quantities, had cracking is a drawn out and ,honestly, painful process. So, are you ready to hear about this great product we have available?

Let me introduce you to the Kinetic Kracker ELECTRIC pecan cracker.

 I got to try this sweet baby out a few days ago. The cracking and shelling time was drastically reduced while the nut cracker did all the hard work for me and best of all my hands didn’t hurt at all. After I had my pecans cracked, I just easily peeled away the rest of the shell and gently pulled all the nut meat out. No tugging and fighting with it either! This Kinetic Kracker made that possible with nearly every pecan. I did come across just a few that were’t cracked enough, so I just turned the Kinetic Kracker back on and gave them another go!

Did I mention that it was super easy to use? Plug into the wall, flip the on switch and start putting your pecans in the shoot one at a time. It does make a loud *POP* if you do not have a pecan in the shoot, but that is a helpful reminder not to run it without pecans in the shoot. You could wear down the aluminum cup if you do, but even that is a simple fix since we offer replacement aluminum cups. Here is a video of one of our employees demonstrating the Kinetic Kracker so you can see for yourself how easy it is to use.

The Kinetic Kracker is AMERICAN HANDMADE from sturdy materials. A wooden box encloses the 26 RPM motor. What does this mean for you? The ability to crack 1,560 pecans per HOUR! WOW! That is a lot. We also have a steel anvil and aluminum cup system that gives the electric pecan cracker the ability be precise in the amount of pressure applied. No smushed and pulverized pecans thanks to that great engineering.

When I was testing out our Kinetic Kracker, I commented on how I would love to use it for my walnuts and other hard shell nuts. Unfortunately, that is not something you want to do. The kinetic action and aftershock will pulverize your hard shell nuts… one wants that mess!

Order Now and Be Ready!

You will want to get your own electric pecan cracker ordered as soon as possible. We manufacture our Kinetic Krackers with the highest quality. We want to give you a product that will last for decades to come, but that also means that the ones we have handcrafted and in stock ready to ship may go quickly.  They also make wonderful gifts. In fact, many of our customers are so happy with theirs that they come back and order for loved ones. Another bonus we have for you, the box your new electric nut cracker ships in doubles as a wonderful storage container. The boxes were specially designed to cradle your Kinetic Kracker so it will be safe while it ships and as you store it.  We are very proud of our electric pecan cracker and happy we could share it with you!

You can buy your very own Kinetic Kracker electric pecan cracker at


To Wizard or to Stab?

To Wizard or To Stab?
That is the question!

wizard picstabanutpickerupper05

With temperatures teasing us this week by remaining in the 80s and skies are overcast providing much needed heat relief, many minds dream of fall that is right around the corner. Autumn leaves, pumpkins and hoodies are just a few of the lures of fall, along with nut season. Many family memories are created gathered around a pecan tree, harvesting nuts for pies or other delicious recipes. Harvesting those nuts, however, can become a dreaded chore for backs and knees. Bringing the fun back to nut harvesting is a wide range of nut picker uppers. From wizards to other contraptions, the market offers many. All nut picker uppers are not created equal. Two champions of the field– Nut Wizards and Stab-A-Nuts— are worthy contenders as additions to the nut harvesting party. The Nut Wizard and Stab-A-Nut nut picker uppers can be a vital part of making lasting memories, each with their distinct features and benefits.

The Nut Wizard, available in six sizes including a pine cone version, has been manufactured under a patent in Georgia since 1998. The baskets are made by hand with a pressing technique that ensures each Nut Wizard wire is permanently locked into the head end. This simple yet durable construction makes the Nut Wizard a best-selling nut picker upper.

The Nut Wizard design is straightforward. Consisting of three main parts- the basket, the bale and the handle- this easy-to-assemble nut picker upper is rolled over the nuts awaiting harvest and the nuts are pushed through the flexible wires to become captured in the basket. When ready for release, the wires can be pushed apart manually or by using a metal dumping tool.

Nut Wizard rollers are an affordable option for nut picker uppers. With the mini (10” width) priced at just over $50 on the popular Lawn Gardening Tools website and the pine cone model at just $89.95 (with separate parts for sale in case of broken wire or handle), Nut Wizard nut picker uppers pay for themselves in an increased nut yield.

Another effective tool in handheld nut picker uppers is the Stab-A-Nut. This tool is another Southern creation, originating out of Jacksonville, Florida. Although the parent company, Bag-A-Nut, was formed in 1989, Stab-A-Nut is a newbie on the nut picker upper scene, arriving in Summer 2015. However, the handheld nut picker upper utilizes the 25 year old technology of the larger nut rollers and therefore is a proven effective design. The Stab-A-Nut is offered in two varieties– for smaller nuts such as small acorns and joba beans, and for larger nuts such as pecans, almonds and English walnuts.

Stab-A-Nut picker uppers are easy to use. Arriving to the customer assembled, the construction consists of two main parts- the handle with push release, and the head, which disassembles further if needed. The user pushes– or stabs– the head of the nut picker upper over the nuts for harvest and the nuts are “captured” in the heads’ tines. When ready, the user simply holds the handle release and pushes down to free the nuts.

Stab-A-Nuts are also an affordable option. Both of the Stab-A-Nut models are priced, including tax and shipping, at just $79.95 on Replacement heads are available for half that price, should a tine or head connector break.

A decision between the two units can be difficult, as both are both affordable and effective. As mentioned, the Nut Wizard can be used without a dumping tool.  However, the task is made simpler with this approximate $10 bucket-attachment tool. The Stab-A-Nut can release nuts without a separate tool, making this unit an advantage for those wishing for the easiest release option. However, the Nut Wizard has a slightly larger capacity to hold nuts depending on the actual nut being harvested. For example, large pecans can fill the head of the Stab-A-Nut rather quickly, requiring release. The Nut Wizard can be filled to capacity before requiring a release. Though with distinct advantages over the competing unit, both the Nut Wizard and Stab-A-Nut nut picker uppers are winners for the nut harvester.

Gone are the days of picking nuts by bending over or, worse, on hands and knees. While many nut picker upper options exist, two affordable and effective options rise to the top: Nut Wizard and Stab-A-Nut. Each with features and benefits for the user, nut harvesting doesn’t have to be a chore; it can be a nutty fun time with the family.

Quick Intro To Healthy Nuts

To get started, I would like to do a quick intro to some of my favorite nuts and why I love them. I would like to introduce you to one to my favorite bloggers, Brandi over at Southern Garden ToolsI feel like she gives a great breakdown on a few wonderful nuts like pecans, walnuts, almonds, and more. She was gracious enough to share their post with me to share with you as well. Go check them out and show them some love as well. 


It is no secret that nuts are awesome for you. The list of benefits just keeps going. I am coming in contact with an alarmingly increasing number of people who have go Gluten Free or with heart disease, bad cholesterol, and obesity. I don’t say alarming because it is odd, but alarming because of the expanse of it. A lot of this can be helped and controlled with our diet. I know I would rather eat a handful of nuts over a handful of medication if I could choose. Nuts are chock full of antioxidants, fiber, unsaturated fat, etc. Here are a few of our favorite nuts and how they can help you. These benefits are most beneficial when eating them raw.

Do you have problems with inflammation? Arthritis, gout, simply a  pulled muscle. Put away the Ibuprofen and grab Walnuts. They are the original anti-inflammatory because they are a rich source of omega-3 fatty acids. Along with that, you will reap the benefits of the antioxidants, which Walnuts proudly have the most of all nuts, that helps protect your body against premature aging, heart disease, and cancer. Ladies can also put away the Midol and grab Walnuts instead. The manganese they contain can help reduce PMS symptoms.




We are located in the deep South and Pecans are a staple here, especially in pie, but to reap the rewards of pecans, try them right out of the shell. Pecans are super rich in antioxidants and are amazing for your heart health. They help prevent plaque formation in your arteries. The vitamin E found in Pecans have the potential to delay the progression of ALS as well.

These are some of my personal favorites. One package of raw Brazil nuts contain 100% of the daily value of mineral selenium, which may help safe guard against certain cancers like bone, prostate, and breast cancer. A recent study in the Journal of Medicinal Food has linked the selenium found in Brazil nuts with soy as a potential prostate cancer fighter by inhibiting the growth of cancerous cells. Be careful though because too much of a good thing can be a not so good thing. High levels of selenium can be harmful, so stick to a serving size or less.



Besides a great flavoring for coffee or being paired with chocolate, Hazelnuts are rich with monounsaturated fats, which are great for cardiovascular health and to help manage type 2 diabetes. They are also healthy in vitamin E, which will help you maintain healthy skin, hair, and nails and could help prevent cataracts, macular degeneration, and the risk of dementia.



Gut issues? Enjoy Almonds then as they contain the most fiber out of all the nuts at roughly 3grams per ounce. They are also very rich in vitamin E, aid in weight loss, and lower bad cholesterol. Who would have known that this tasty nut can make you feel and look so good?

Sit Back and Enjoy!

Grab a handful of your favorite nuts or even try some new ones and enjoy the benefits of them. Looking for a good nut cracker? Head on over to for a wide range of nutcrackers!


~Kerry Clabaugh

I Am Nuts About Nuts!

Welcome! I am glad you decided to join me. I am a nutcracker fanatic and want to share all that I know with people who might need guidance on things like,

  • “Which nutcracker is right for me?”
  • “I have a tree in my yard, but I don’t know what kind of nuts these are!”
  • “I love recipes with pecans, walnuts, and hazelnuts. Do you have some tasty ones to share?”

I will answer questions like this and more! Stay tuned and chime in at any time! I would love to hear your thoughts and stories as well!

~Kerry Clabaugh