Confused on Nut Picker Uppers? Watch this primer!

We get lots of calls at 855Sheller about nut picker uppers. Picking up nuts can be an unpleasant task– whether it is annoying acorns or delicious pecans that need cracking!  Nut Picker Uppers simply make the task easier and quicker.  Having trouble choosing the right picker upper?  We have two charts and a video to help you choose the correct one for your needs.  You can always call us at 855-Sheller (743-5537) for expert advice.  We look forward to making your nut season the best possible!

Nut Picker Upper Price Picks Up Pros Cons
Griffith Gatherer—Classic and Deluxe $21.95-25.95 Pecans Inexpensive, light-weight, two styles, easy to use Only picks up pecans
Southern Garden Tools Roller $49.95 Pecans, butternuts, English walnuts Collapsible handle, easy to use, larger basket, easy emptying Only one size
Holt’s Nut Wizard

(see chart below)

$58.95-64.95 All size nuts Made in the USA, comes in 5 different sizes, very sturdy Smaller collection basket, fixed handle
Stab-A-Nut $74.95 Two styles—one for smaller, one for larger New collapsible handle, easy nut release, two sizes for various sizes, add-on interchangeable head Highest price picker upper


Did you decide on a Nut Wizard?

Which Nut Wizard is Right for You?

Large Nut Wizard Medium Nut Wizard Small Nut Wizard Ex-Small Nut Wizard Mini Nut Wizard
1″ to 4″

» Black Walnuts

» Sweet Gumballs

» Apple and Pear Sized Fruit

» Magnolia Seed Heads

»Tennis Balls

3/4″ to 4″

»English Walnuts


»Red Oak


»Large Pecans

»Shotgun Shells

»Golf Balls

1/2″ to 2″

»Most Acorns


»Hickory Nuts


»Mocker Nuts

»Hazelnuts/ Filbert Nuts

»Crab Apples

3/8″ to 1″

»Chinquapi (a.k.a. Pin)


»Brass Casings
(9 mm and up)

3/8″ to 1″

»Chinquapi (a.k.a. Pin)


»Brass Casings
(.22 and up)

See our Nut Picker Upper Explainer Video for even more info!
Happy Nut Season to all!

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