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I’m in Love!

Have you ever been so excited about a particular product that you just wanted everyone to know about it?  You find yourself stopping people on the street just to tell them about THIS product and how it can be a game changer for some portion of their life!  It is this way I feel about Bag-A-Nuts.  Ok, ok, I do understand that few people in life actually get passionate about nut harvesters.  However, if nut picking up is a reality in your life, then Bag-A-Nuts are something to get passionate over!  They really are THE solution is picking up ANY type of nuts– fast, easy and well.. actually, they are pretty fun to use!  What type of nut do you have?  Black walnuts?  English walnuts?  Pecans?  Acorns?  Hazelnuts/Filberts?  Chestnuts?  Almonds?  Hickory Nuts?  Macadamia nuts?  (Plus solutions for sweet gum balls, golf balls, tennis balls).  Bag-A-Nut has your nuts covered!

So how do they work?  After choosing WHAT unit you need based upon what nut you need to pick up and choosing WHICH size you need (8″, 12″, 18″ or 36″ Push or Pull-Behind), you quickly assemble the nut roller.  Trust me– they are super simple to put together.  Once assembled, simply push the Bag-A-Nut Harvester over the ground for nut collection.  Watch as the match fingers grab the nut and lodge it in the wheel.  As the wheel turns, the long black ejector fingers push the wedged nuts into the collection basket.  Once ready for emptying, simply lift the basket out (or in the case of the 12″ model, use a pull-cord system that saves your back!) and viola!  Dump the nuts into your preferred collection location and see your nut yield double from other nut harvesting methods.


The fact that the Bag-A-Nuts are so effective in nut collection is reason enough to hop on board with one.  But wait!  There’s more!  Bag-A-Nuts are proudly made in the United States.  They are covered by a one-year warranty.  The manufacturers of Bag-A-Nut are committed to build a quality nut picker upper and provide top-notch customer service.

And that, folks, is why I’m in love with Bag-A-Nut Nut Harvesters.  So original, so easy to use, quality built– and much more!  Ready to add this harvest equipment to your arsenal?  Give us a call here at– it’s our website; it’s our number.  Let Amy or Kerry provide you with expert advice on what unit best fits your needs.  Call, order and fall in love!

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