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Steel II Nutcracker

Are You Ready To Get Crackin’?

We ARE! 

Here at Southern Garden Tools, we eagerly await nut season every year! We are big fans of a little nutcracker aptly named 

Get Crackin’.

You can crack all nuts, big and small, with the Get Crackin’.  I tested out many different sizes of nuts here in the office. I had little acorns, pecans, and big walnuts. I didn’t have a problem cracking any of them. I just placed the nut in the groove, pulled the lever down, and had a nicely cracked nut. I did have to practice a little bit to get the proper placement of my nut down, but it didn’t take long before I was cracking away. I was even more thrilled when I realized that I didn’t need any nutpicks either!  I could gently pull the shell off of my nut and enjoy yummy nutmeat. If any nuts decided to be pesky and give me a problem, I just gave another quick pass through my trusty Get Crackin’. The lever-fulcrum action allows precision pressure control which minimizes shell shatter and increases the larger amounts of nutmeat you can enjoy from your trees.

Something else that I really love about the Get Crackin’  is that even though it is lightweight, it is built strong. It is made from a light weight steel, so picking it up to carry or store won’t strain you at all. Since Get Crackin’ is made with steel, it will not break easily. You will never have to worry about a nut being too hard shelled or too big for your nutcracker.The Get Crackin’ allows peace of mind that you won’t ever have to stop in the middle of cracking your nuts because it broke. This is a nutcracker that you can pass down for generations to come. How wonderful that you can enjoy the Get Crackin’ and as you show your children or grandchildren how to use it, you know that one day you can pass it down to them.

Speaking of future generations, I am so very pleased to say that you also don’t have to worry about little fingers accidentally getting cracked in the Get Crackin’. As a Mother myself, I worry about things like that. My sweet little ones always want to help out when it is nut cracking time. They know if they can help, they can enjoy the fruits of their labor even faster. The same design that allows the Get Crackin’ to protect those little nuts, like acorns and hazelnuts, from getting smashed also protects little fingers. That means so much to me and I know it will mean a lot to you as well. Now, you can share time with them and encourage healthy eating. That sounds like a total win to me!

Are you ready to have your very own Get Crackin’ Black Walnut Cracker shipped right to your front door? Check us out at or  Don’t let nut season sneak up on you!

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