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Got Nuts? Our first season as a Bag-A-Nut dealer

We are excited to share with our readers our newest product line: Bag-A-Nut nut harvesters. These are really the ultimate solution for nut harvesting.  Simply push the nut picker upper over your harvest and watch as the nuts are grabbed by the “magic finger” technology and ejected into the collection basket. Lightweight and easy to push, these nut rollers pick up nuts you can’t even see!  Imagine your increased nut yield.  

We carry the complete line up of Bag-A-Nut nut picker uppers.  We have the “Stab-A-Nut” handheld nut harvester that feature the magic fingers mounted on a handle.  We have the 8″ Mini that’s very mighty!  We carry the 12″ classic model— the customer favorite.  This one features a pull cord design for basket emptying; all other models are lift-out baskets.  We carry the 18″ which is a true best seller.  And the super duper 36″– available in a push design or a pull-behind as it attaches to your riding mower or ATV.  

We’ve sold out several times but don’t worry, we keep bringing them back in.  Available in a variety of sizes, just give us a call (855-743-5537) to discuss the best size one depending on the nut you are picking up.  Or order online right here.  We are located in Dothan Alabama so if you are nearby, come on over so we can show you a demonstration.    

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