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Kinetic Kracker- The Electric Pecan Cracker

Good Day!

 I would love to talk about a nut cracker that is going to make your life so much easier. Pecan season is really just around the corner. In the past, have you been cracking all of those pecans by hand? I did for a long time. Sometimes my hands would hurt so badly that I wondered if the effort was worth it.

 I like to make all sorts of candies, pies, and breads during Fall. Giving these things are such a thoughtful gift from the heart, especially knowing that you took the time to gather all of the ones that have fallen from your trees, crack and shell them and then put them into those goodies. I also love to put away and freeze my excess pecans for year round pecan treats. For such large quantities, had cracking is a drawn out and ,honestly, painful process. So, are you ready to hear about this great product we have available?

Let me introduce you to the Kinetic Kracker ELECTRIC pecan cracker.

 I got to try this sweet baby out a few days ago. The cracking and shelling time was drastically reduced while the nut cracker did all the hard work for me and best of all my hands didn’t hurt at all. After I had my pecans cracked, I just easily peeled away the rest of the shell and gently pulled all the nut meat out. No tugging and fighting with it either! This Kinetic Kracker made that possible with nearly every pecan. I did come across just a few that were’t cracked enough, so I just turned the Kinetic Kracker back on and gave them another go!

Did I mention that it was super easy to use? Plug into the wall, flip the on switch and start putting your pecans in the shoot one at a time. It does make a loud *POP* if you do not have a pecan in the shoot, but that is a helpful reminder not to run it without pecans in the shoot. You could wear down the aluminum cup if you do, but even that is a simple fix since we offer replacement aluminum cups. Here is a video of one of our employees demonstrating the Kinetic Kracker so you can see for yourself how easy it is to use.

The Kinetic Kracker is AMERICAN HANDMADE from sturdy materials. A wooden box encloses the 26 RPM motor. What does this mean for you? The ability to crack 1,560 pecans per HOUR! WOW! That is a lot. We also have a steel anvil and aluminum cup system that gives the electric pecan cracker the ability be precise in the amount of pressure applied. No smushed and pulverized pecans thanks to that great engineering.

When I was testing out our Kinetic Kracker, I commented on how I would love to use it for my walnuts and other hard shell nuts. Unfortunately, that is not something you want to do. The kinetic action and aftershock will pulverize your hard shell nuts… one wants that mess!

Order Now and Be Ready!

You will want to get your own electric pecan cracker ordered as soon as possible. We manufacture our Kinetic Krackers with the highest quality. We want to give you a product that will last for decades to come, but that also means that the ones we have handcrafted and in stock ready to ship may go quickly.  They also make wonderful gifts. In fact, many of our customers are so happy with theirs that they come back and order for loved ones. Another bonus we have for you, the box your new electric nut cracker ships in doubles as a wonderful storage container. The boxes were specially designed to cradle your Kinetic Kracker so it will be safe while it ships and as you store it.  We are very proud of our electric pecan cracker and happy we could share it with you!

You can buy your very own Kinetic Kracker electric pecan cracker at


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