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To Wizard or to Stab?

To Wizard or To Stab?
That is the question!

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With temperatures teasing us this week by remaining in the 80s and skies are overcast providing much needed heat relief, many minds dream of fall that is right around the corner. Autumn leaves, pumpkins and hoodies are just a few of the lures of fall, along with nut season. Many family memories are created gathered around a pecan tree, harvesting nuts for pies or other delicious recipes. Harvesting those nuts, however, can become a dreaded chore for backs and knees. Bringing the fun back to nut harvesting is a wide range of nut picker uppers. From wizards to other contraptions, the market offers many. All nut picker uppers are not created equal. Two champions of the field– Nut Wizards and Stab-A-Nuts— are worthy contenders as additions to the nut harvesting party. The Nut Wizard and Stab-A-Nut nut picker uppers can be a vital part of making lasting memories, each with their distinct features and benefits.

The Nut Wizard, available in six sizes including a pine cone version, has been manufactured under a patent in Georgia since 1998. The baskets are made by hand with a pressing technique that ensures each Nut Wizard wire is permanently locked into the head end. This simple yet durable construction makes the Nut Wizard a best-selling nut picker upper.

The Nut Wizard design is straightforward. Consisting of three main parts- the basket, the bale and the handle- this easy-to-assemble nut picker upper is rolled over the nuts awaiting harvest and the nuts are pushed through the flexible wires to become captured in the basket. When ready for release, the wires can be pushed apart manually or by using a metal dumping tool.

Nut Wizard rollers are an affordable option for nut picker uppers. With the mini (10” width) priced at just over $50 on the popular Lawn Gardening Tools website and the pine cone model at just $89.95 (with separate parts for sale in case of broken wire or handle), Nut Wizard nut picker uppers pay for themselves in an increased nut yield.

Another effective tool in handheld nut picker uppers is the Stab-A-Nut. This tool is another Southern creation, originating out of Jacksonville, Florida. Although the parent company, Bag-A-Nut, was formed in 1989, Stab-A-Nut is a newbie on the nut picker upper scene, arriving in Summer 2015. However, the handheld nut picker upper utilizes the 25 year old technology of the larger nut rollers and therefore is a proven effective design. The Stab-A-Nut is offered in two varieties– for smaller nuts such as small acorns and joba beans, and for larger nuts such as pecans, almonds and English walnuts.

Stab-A-Nut picker uppers are easy to use. Arriving to the customer assembled, the construction consists of two main parts- the handle with push release, and the head, which disassembles further if needed. The user pushes– or stabs– the head of the nut picker upper over the nuts for harvest and the nuts are “captured” in the heads’ tines. When ready, the user simply holds the handle release and pushes down to free the nuts.

Stab-A-Nuts are also an affordable option. Both of the Stab-A-Nut models are priced, including tax and shipping, at just $79.95 on Replacement heads are available for half that price, should a tine or head connector break.

A decision between the two units can be difficult, as both are both affordable and effective. As mentioned, the Nut Wizard can be used without a dumping tool.  However, the task is made simpler with this approximate $10 bucket-attachment tool. The Stab-A-Nut can release nuts without a separate tool, making this unit an advantage for those wishing for the easiest release option. However, the Nut Wizard has a slightly larger capacity to hold nuts depending on the actual nut being harvested. For example, large pecans can fill the head of the Stab-A-Nut rather quickly, requiring release. The Nut Wizard can be filled to capacity before requiring a release. Though with distinct advantages over the competing unit, both the Nut Wizard and Stab-A-Nut nut picker uppers are winners for the nut harvester.

Gone are the days of picking nuts by bending over or, worse, on hands and knees. While many nut picker upper options exist, two affordable and effective options rise to the top: Nut Wizard and Stab-A-Nut. Each with features and benefits for the user, nut harvesting doesn’t have to be a chore; it can be a nutty fun time with the family.

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